PBN is: Definition, Benefits and Steps to Use It!

The discussion about SEO is never-ending. Every day, many IT experts and digital marketers try to find various strategies to maximize web ranking on search pages (Search Engine Optimization / SEO).

Not only by relying on accurate keywords, there are other ways to maximize SEO, namely by using PBN (Private Blog Network).

PBN SEO is a new way that you can practice to increase website visibility and maximize the amount of traffic. Many parties claim that PBN SEO is an excellent, powerful, and exclusive off page SEO strategy. Why is that?

Let’s find out a more detailed explanation of what PBN SEO is, how to practice it, to some recommendations for quality Indonesian PBN services that you can find on the internet in this edition of the article. Happy reading!

What is a Private Blog Network (PBN)?

PBN is a term that is still foreign to the ears of some people, especially those who are new to the world of digital marketing. But PBN is a term that has been on the air for a long time in the SEO world.

PBN is an SEO tip that is classified as exclusive, so it’s only natural that not everyone knows what PBN is. Why exclusive? We’ll cover that in a moment.

Let’s get acquainted with PBN from: what is PBN? PBN stands for Private Blog Network. PBN is one of the ‘grey’ SEO mechanisms (grey SEO), where you activate a website that has expired for reuse.

Yes, you read correctly, once again, PBN is an SEO tactic where you revive and reuse a website domain that has expired. This expiration can be caused by many factors, such as the previous owner who no longer uses and maintains his website or he forgot to renew the domain.

But not all websites are ‘recycled’ in this PBN trick. Usually, users will choose a website that used to have high quality with the aim of no longer needing to manage from 0. A quality website already has enough backlinks and also has its own position in SEO.

So, it can be said that PBN is a shortcut to achieve top SEO rankings – because, your job is now just to reconnect with the previous progress of the website. It’s like you’ve directly 50% of the goals to rank 1 SEO.

There are also those who use PBN as their own special network, so you can link your own links and backlinks to increase the amount of traffic to the web. That’s why PBN is an expensive and exclusive gray SEO trick.

Although PBN can be done using any platform, PBN with a paid self hoster is still the strongest in performance. Also looking for a quality expired domain is not an easy thing. There are several aspects whose metric scores are reviewed to find out how good the quality of an expired domain is, namely:

PA (Page Authority).
DA (Domain Authority).
CF (Citation Flow).
TF (Trust Flow).
Clean from spam links and clean history.

The better the score from each of the aspects above, it can be ascertained that the expired website has a very strong backlink. It could be that the expired website gets backlink rewards from high web authorities like Yahoo, Wikipedia, CNN, Yellowpages, and so on.

Most people still entrust the above tasks to quality PBN services. In addition to complicated checks, PBN creation will also require quite expensive premium tools such as Majestic and Moz, plus paid registration to activate the domain, CMS installation, content filling and much more. The price of expired domain registrations usually costs more than new domain registrations.

Well, of course now you have imagined why PBN is a super exclusive SEO trick and can only be accessed by people from the middle to upper economic group, right?

If you are interested and have the capital to run this PBN SEO, you don’t need to be confused. There are already many quality PBN services that provide gray PBN SEO services, such as Kedai PBN, Soft House Tools, Mastah SEO, and many more that you can search on Google. For those of you who are still in doubt, let’s continue reading to the next section to find out what are the benefits of using PBN!

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