You Must Read Fechippuru bokura no junsuina koi

If you are looking for a sweet hot chocolate, this manga is for you ~~ (ง * ̀_* ́)ง

The beginning of this manga is simple:
Tatsu, Male MC, has hair fetish Kotoka, Female MC, has back fetish. what happens when they are attracted to each other’s hair or back? Tatsu and Kotoka become a couple <3

Along the way, there will be some side characters such as friends or family members that have different fetishes as well.

For me though, what makes this manga special is its own way of displaying affection toward each other. Sometimes, I might feel that they were simply complimenting each other’s hair or back; however, those are just signs for some upcoming light grenades (filled with maple syrup) to show the audience how they truly LOVE each other (even without each other’s hair or back)… RIP my eyes and my teeth.

Tells the stTells about a pair of lovers who have a unique fetish in each of them, when the man was drunk at the sake shop there was a woman who was attracted to him and said love at first sight and without much more words, the man was drunk at that moment immediately accepted then brought the girl brought to his the excitement of the story only in westmanga

No more words needed, just follow the excitement of the story.

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