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Do Students Like Watching Movies on Dunia21 and IndoXXI Sites? This is the Danger

Have you ever watched movies on free sites like Dunia21 and IndoXXI? Students need to be careful because it turns out there is a danger, you know.

Watching movies is indeed one of the entertainments for students in the midst of learning activities at school. Moreover, watching movies can also be one of the effective and not boring learning media.

However, students need to know which movie viewing sites are safe and which are not. Especially on movie streaming services that are declared illegal or unofficial.

The dangers of watching movies on Dunia21 and IndoXXI

Dunia21, LK21 and IndoXXI sites are unofficial or illegal sites. Quoted from CNBC, if students watch movies on the site, it will be dangerous for the devices used.

Illegal sites can put your device at risk of being infected with malware or malicious viruses. In the worst case, it can even steal the user’s personal data.

Malware viruses can also make your device slower or less responsive. Not only that, many illegal sites also display advertising windows that can redirect to sites you don’t want to visit.

The most severe consequence of this malware virus is the theft of credit card information that can be sold to other hackers on the dark web.

Later, the credential theft will enter the site where you shop and login with a bank account which can then steal the money in it.

Harming Others

Watching movies on illegal free sites can also harm other people. This is due to copyright infringement.

When movies are shown on illegal streaming services, filmmakers don’t get a penny from the site. Yet behind the making of a film there is a big cost that supports many people.

Therefore, for students who want to watch movies without danger and at the same time appreciate the work, they must watch them on official streaming services, yes.

For example, movie streaming services Netflix, Doolix, Viu, and others that can be accessed quite easily because they can be downloaded directly on the Play Store or App Store.

Even though it is paid, the costs incurred are quite affordable because there is a lot of interesting and educational content according to the age of the students.

Students can ask for help from parents or teachers to recommend films that have a lot of learning value and can support learning activities.

If you want to get free movies, students can also watch them on Television of the Republic of Indonesia or TVRI. Usually, there are films or shows that can be accessed by students throughout Indonesia.

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